Our recruitment services

Our recruitment service helps companies find top professionals within their industry. Bitech maintain a leading position in the UAE with a large internal database of screened candidates which we have been able to develop a highly specialized recruitment service, centered around our clients' needs that's not only able to provide the most qualified candidates, but also those who are the best fit for the company and job title.

We specialize in providing:

Recruitment for one or more hire

Executive Search - headhunting for senior, executive or above roles
Contract Staffing
Temporary Staffing

How are our recruitment services?

Bitech Will Allocated An Experienced And Dedicated Recruitment Consultant, They Will Act As Your Account Manager And Will Make Every Effort To Not Only Understand Your Business But Also Your Requirements. This Means They Will Support You Through Every Step Of The Recruitment Journey With Us From Client Contract, Understanding Job Requirements, Talent Sourcing, Shortlisting And Assessment, Client Interview And Selection.

Staff Outsourcing Dubai, UAE Contract Staffing

Delivering specialized staff outsourcing services to all types of organizations, from startups to globally established brands.

Our principal solution is to provide skilled professional staffs outsourced to companies in the UAE to meet short, medium or long term hiring needs. Should you have your employees or you need us to source them, we will be able to provide visas to your employees for them to be working legally.

We play an essential part in ensuring that your workforce succeeds and provides to its full potential throughout the complete employment journey.

You'll learn everything you need to know regarding staff outsourcing. Let's observe:

  • Staff Outsourcing Dubai, UAE
  • What is staff outsourcing?
  • What we offer?
  • Why is it important to choose qualified staff?
  • What is the staff outsourcing process?
  • Do You Want To Boost Your Business?
  • How can staff outsourcing help your business?
  • Why Staff Outsource with us?

Employer Of Record - Professional Employer Organisation UAE

What is staff outsourcing?

When a company needs employees for a specific area there are two options: the employees can be hired to work in-house, or the organization can consider outsourcing, so it's an important decision and it's necessary to know everything that involves the latter.

Likewise, companies can opt to have their employees under their payroll or to outsource the visa and/or payroll to Bitech Staff outsourcing is when the company decides to hand over a determinate responsibility to a third party, this way the organization wouldn't have to invest time and effort in hiring the specialized staff that is required.

One of the contract staffing companies in Dubai is Bitech, which it's a legalized organization in the UAE that has been working in this field for more than two decades, and they provide the best solution to companies that would like to maximize the efficiency of their business.

What is a Dubai Work visa

When a person is going to reside in a country it's necessary to have the documents that allow them to stay legally and to perform all the activities safely, without having any troubles with the authorities.

Does this also apply to the UAE?

Yes, this is also necessary since they request visas for the people that are going to enter the country, and one of them is the Work Visa. The Dubai work visa is a document that people need to have to be legally employed in that place. This is a requirement for the foreign that would like to work there.

With this document, the person can legally work and reside in the country for a stipulated period, as well as do some other activities such as opening a PO Box, and they don't need to have any other visa.

If you're a company trying to hire staff from overseas you need to know that it's necessary to have a valid work visa so they can develop their skills in your organization, and as you're the employer you're the one that needs to do the process on behalf of your employees.

In this article, you'll learn everything you need to know regarding the working Visa and how Bitech can help you obtain the result you're expecting. Let's observe:

What is the Dubai work visa?

Who needs to apply for the Dubai work visa?

What are the requirements for obtaining the Visa?

Our range of services

What is the process for receiving the Work Visa?

Why PRO Services?

Why Bitech?

  • The processing time   

 The Dubai working visa processing time depends on various factors, but ideally since the start of the process until the end, which is getting the work permit, it might take up to 2 weeks.

  • Age limit

Many people wonder, what is the age limit for the Dubai work visa? Since many young professionals would like to take their career to a new level by having experience abroad.

People over 18 years old are eligible for obtaining a job in Dubai and for getting the visa, and there’s not an age limit since the retired workers over 65 years old can also apply for this, although the employers might need to pay a higher fee for them.

  • Validity              

The validity of the Dubai work visa depends on the sponsor and the nature of the employment, but most of them are issued with a 2-year validity, although some have one-year or three-year validity, so it varies.

  • Fees

The fees are the payment that the employers need to do for a determinate employee, and this also varies depending on the category where the employee lies in, and this category depends on the employee’s qualifications, but usually the amount starts from 100 AED. 

Some employers’ (subject to each company) can initiate the process to take place prior to the employee entering the UAE, while others can be taken after arrival. Once the visa is all set, a work permit is usually valid for 2 years.

  • Resident and Employee Visa, Renewal and Visa Cancellations
  • Labour and Immigration Cards
  • Labour Quota applications
  • Visit / Family Visas
  • Emirates ID cards
  • Company Trademark Registration
  • Annual License Renewal
  • Modifications to Trade Licenses, transfers
  • Import/Export Document Attestation
  • Opening Company Bank Account

Before the employee receives the Visa, it’s necessary to obtain other documents such as the entry visa, the Emirate ID card, and the residence visa. This is why the authorities request some proof to verify that the company that is doing the process is legally established in the UAE.

  • Documents

The employee needs to submit several documents to the employer so they can fill the application, and these documents are:

  1. Original passport and copy (with a 6-month validity, at minimum)
  2. Passport photos (White background)
  3. Education and qualification certificates

The company also needs to submit some documents, such as a copy of the valid company card, the proof of work contract or job offer, and others.

Who issues the Work Visa? The entity in charge of handling this procedure is the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE), so the employer is responsible for carrying out the process with them, and once they validate all the documents they allow the employee to enter the country.

Every expatriate that would like to work in Dubai needs to apply for the Dubai Work Visa, but, it’s important to note that the employees are not responsible for doing this process since this has to be done by the employer.

This means that if you’re an employee you can’t apply on your own. There are three scenarios where the person needs their employer to apply for the visa on her/his behalf.

Finding a job overseas – The companies that offer a job to a person located overseas need to do the process for bringing that person to the country, and they have to apply for the Entry Permit first so the worker can come to Dubai and continue the process in place, and for this, they have 60 days.

Find a job while visiting Dubai – If a company offers a job to a person while he/she is visiting Dubai or doing tourism in the country, the employer needs to apply for changing the visit/tourist visa to a work visa.

For this, it’s required the person to leave the UAE and enter again once the approval for entry has been issued by the authorities.

The person doesn’t necessarily have to fly back home since some airlines offer the “visa run” which is a stopover at a neighboring country while the process is ongoing. But, if the company requests the change of status for the visa, there’s no need to leave the country.

Moving to another company – If the person would like to join another company, then the new company needs to start the process for getting the work permit, as long as the contract termination with the former company makes the employee eligible. 

In all of these cases, it’s best to count on with a Dubai working visa agent like Connect Resources, so your company can have the best assistance for hiring the best candidate, and even for renewing the visa if you’d like that person to continue working longer for your organization. 

If you’re a company looking to hire a specialist then you need to know that the work visa process might be tedious, especially if you don’t have the team to work on it. It’s best to have Bitech by your side with its PRO Services also which can give you the assistance you need.

Entry permit – The first step is to offer the job to the person that is qualified to work in your organization. This way, the company becomes the sponsor for the person that is going to arrive, and it’s responsible for starting the process.

The company needs to submit the application form to the MoHRE and the visa process begins. The employer is also responsible for paying all the fees associated. After the Ministry reviews the documents, it issues an Entry Permit and the employee needs to travel to Dubai to continue the process in place.

Paperwork – Once the employee is in Dubai, he/she has two months to complete the process with the help of the employer. The employee needs to perform a Medical Test at a government-approved health center, as well as other formalities to receive the documents that are attached to the application.

Many of the procedures which establish PRO services are legal requirements for all companies and employees in the country. If this is dealt correctly and in a timely manner you can reduce the risk of any unnecessary fines or similar detrimental consequences for your company. In spite of the obvious legal consequences, failure to carry out these activities can also have an opposed impact on a number of various factors outside of the business too.

For example, in order to legally work in the UAE, every employee must obtain a resident visa and work permit to open a bank account or sign a residential lease etc.

  • We are one of the limited companies in UAE working closely with MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation) for issuing work permits.


  • We provide a personalized approach to PRO services with a dedicated service tailored to your business solutions. This means you will have a dedicated Account Manager from our team who will work closely from start to finish and your point of contact for anything.


  • We offer a complete on-boarding process including all the necessary legalities such as health insurance, visa, payroll, WPS and other services if required.


  • We onboard staff from Managerial to entry level positions as per your requirements ensuring we cover any emirates, nationality, language and other special requirements you may have.


  • We are fast, reliable and flexible – your one stop for all the PRO services.

Many companies located in the UAE are planning to hire people from abroad to satisfy their recruitment needs since many professionals around the world are looking for working in this country.

But, this process can be difficult to do, especially if the company doesn’t have the resources to do all the processes for obtaining a work visa.

This means that the Dubai Visa outsourcing service is designed for those companies that are looking to place their staff in this place so they can work legally.


Hiring non-UAE national employees

The workforce is the most important part of any company; this is why many look for hiring only the best candidates, even if they’re living abroad.

Hiring non-UAE national employees is a long and tedious process that can take up to 2 or 3 months, so this means that the company needs to invest time and effort to achieve the best results.

Once you have the help of an outsourcing agency that can help you with this, like Bitech, you can be sure that your overseas hiring will be carried out perfectly and you won’t have to worry about anything.


The HR team is the central hub for every business. Organizations with an effective HR strategy have a better chance at outperforming competitors. An effective HR strategy aligns the HR function to the business strategy.

Bitech firm services lies in the consulting talent sourcing, which is done with a mixture of UAE and global sourcing abilities to source the best professionals to deliver the project requirements. That's why you need us!


Bitech’ HR consulting services are principally aimed to support you with the Human Resources department in your business.

The services includes:

  • Guidance of HR policy and strategy – ensuring you are in track with the latest HR federal regulations.
  • Understand the PRO services we have assist you with.
  • Guidance on the type of positions in your company based on your business requirement and hiring process.
  • Workforce Strategic Development – manpower planning with our specialists.
  • Guidance on Salary, Compensation and Benefits – ensuring you are in the current salary market. Reward schemes will be a developing process.
  • Employee fulfillment – tracking and understanding employees’ view of your business matters. This is usually measured through a straightforward survey to determine improvements and recommendations.
Why Us?
  • We have been in the HR industry for over 20 years.
  • We are always up to date with the UAE laws and regulations.
  • We provide a bespoke HR consulting service with excellent cost efficient solution.
  • We can support small or large businesses with consulting services.
  • We have a team of finest HR consultants to assist you in all areas of the HR department. Please get in touch with us!


Bitech is the executive search firm in Dubai that delivers at its highest standards, focused on top management and functional key positions based on valuable client dedication.

Our goal is to maximize client value through a consultative relationship, aiming, familiarizing and responding effectively to the diverse business challenges of our clients in UAE.

If your company would like to take a step further and hire top-performing executives, you need to know all the aspects related to the executive search and how can Bitech help you make the best decision.

Here, we’ll be looking at all the considerations you need to have for contacting us an executive search firm. Let’s observe:

Executive Search firm – How we work
What is an executive search firm?
What’s the difference between executive search and traditional recruitment?
Why should you choose an executive search firm?
Executive Search – Our Industries
What is the approach of an executive firm?
Why we are the leading Executive firm in Dubai?
Why should you trust in Bitech for your executive search needs?

Executive Search firm - How we work

Our consultants specialize in executive headhunting for companies across Middle East. Our aim is to deliver you first-rate senior executives or above that meets your business requirements.

Once we speak to you and understand your requirements we will work through our headhunting approach to fulfil your needs.

Each consultant of our team specialises in specific industries meaning you will be connected with the right partner who has knowledge of the market, insight into the specialist skills required of your job requirements and the popular locations of search for the best talents.

Leading executive search firm in UAE

A recruitment company that specializes in searching top-quality candidates for executive roles is known as an executive search firm.

Some companies might work only in this field, while some others might do both types of recruitments, traditional and executive.

These companies focus on sourcing high-quality professionals to match the requirements of their clients, not only regarding the qualifications but also with the company’s culture.

Bitech is one of the leading firms in this field, and they help their clients find their best workers for their C-suite to improve the company’s efficiency by counting on with the experts they need.

Companies need to have the best people in charge of their operations; this is why they need to have managers and executives that understand the company’s strategic goal to take it to success.

Having a gap in an executive role could impact negatively the organization, and it could also jeopardize the well-being of an entire department.

This is the reason why many companies look for the best candidate for a senior position to handle everything in the right way.

What's the difference between executive search and traditional recruitment?

There are some misconceptions when it comes to executive search firms because many companies think that for hiring a person for a senior position it’s only necessary to contact a traditional recruitment agency.

The truth is that many recruitment agencies specialize in executive search, but some only focus on regular recruitment, and it’s important to know the difference between both so you can make the right decision.

Recruitment might be tricky, especially if your company doesn’t have enough resources for hiring the right staff, and if you’re looking for management or board level staff it can be even harder.

If you understand how the executive search and the recruitment search work, and you decide to contact an agency like Bitech, then you’ll have everything you need to select the perfect candidate.

Executive search vs. Traditional recruitment

The executive search is performed when a client is looking for candidates to fill a senior-level job, while the traditional recruitment consists of finding workers for a junior position.

In both cases, the company is looking for the most suitable and relevant candidate to fill the position, but the main difference with these two types of recruitment is that for junior positions is easier to find a person because they’re usually looking for new challenges, while for the senior positions, the best people are rarely looking for a job.

So, what is the difference between the two hiring processes? The executive search firm then needs to apply a different appraoach to find the best candidate, whether they’re looking for a job or not. In the traditional recruitment case, the agency simply selects between the active job seekers, so it’s simpler.

Payroll outsourcing Dubai

Hiring a payroll services for your company will give you the assurance that your payroll and accounting responsibilities and errors will be lessened. You can potentially focus on the resources, time and energy on making business strategies, implementing them and expanding your business whilst we handle your payroll department.

Bitech provides a platform for you to see/check/verify the payrolls of the employees auto-managed by one of our Accounts Managers. We will take care of the full WPS and transfer salary process.

Dubai is one of the most important commercial hubs, and we observe as organizations from Asia, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Africa are interested in local markets. Therefore, the figures of payroll outsourcing companies in UAE are more than needed. They are almost "mandatory" for any foreign company to legally operate in the United Arab Emirates.

Payroll for your safety

It is globally ranking up because of their efforts to strongly drive towards social reforms and their anchoring initiatives to enhance competitiveness with the rest of the world. For instance, we observe it as the world’s leading power in terms of the Oil Industry.

If you are interested in starting up a business with the Emirates, then we would suggest you reading the following information. It is related to all services, requirements and important details to take into consideration before start operating:

  • Payroll & outsourcing definition and meaning
  • Services offered
  • Payroll examples in Dubai
  • Frequently asked questions

What kind of services are offered by Payroll outsourcing companies?

Connect Resouces is a licensed company which operates in the Middle East. We work in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Bahrain.

It is common to observe Payroll outsourcing companies in UAE who only work overseas, but our offices are located in Dubai or vice’versa and we will grant on-site solutions. We’ll make sure that both independent contractors and full-time or seasonal employees receive their salaries/money in a timely manner.

That is to say, you have to give us the end dates for payments. Any third-party involved company will receive the money according to your necessities.

Solutions developed by our HR Managers

Whether you need our employees to work directly at your offices, or remotely, Bitech' payroll, our HR managers will lead your company.

Filling paperworks is one of our highlights. Companies operating in UAE free zones may have visa quota problems as well as on'shore companies. Also, regulations for salaries are different between the zones inside UAE and must obtain a suitable operating licence. .

Examples of tasks completed by payroll outsourcing companies in Dubai

Our team of experts have successfully managed business accounts from worldwide organizations, which are already operating thanks to our help in the UAE.

Above all, these companies need a local organization that helps them with their legal status within the country. Whether you are interested in operating in Dubai, Abu Dhabi (UAE) or any country within the Middle East, please contact us. We will be your connection in the Arab Emirates.

In addition, their expertise on the field will assist you with:

Tasks related with Payroll disbursements.

We master in offering competitive solutions at custom rates. That’s why we will help you determining each year periods’ bonuses, as well as calculating the amount that employees will receive because of overtime pay to include in payroll.

Similarly to what happens with other payroll outsourcing companies in Dubai, we do not only operate in the national currency, but we also offer services in American Dollars USD or Euro €, for example.

On-site and off-site solutions

We use different systems and software for payroll outsourcing activities. Selm-management is one possibility, although we will offer you the posibility to fully control them. It will all depend on your interests and needs. Furthermore, we could grant you direct access to control settings and implement any required actions.

A group of professional Human Resources managers, assistants and specialists will recommend you the most efficient systems in the global market.

Reporting errors

If you decided to self-manage the payroll accounts, we could still support you. Bitech will help you with the legal system in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Foreign investors may misunderstand official details and receive negative replies from local authorities.

What is involved in payroll services?

Bitech being one of the experience HR & Payroll outsourcing companies in UAE, provides outstanding payroll solutions that caters every business’ needs.

  • Payroll processing – online payslips, dedicated payment window
  • Employee benefits administration
  • WPS payments counseling and guidance
  • Management of Employee’s remuneration reimbursement and travel expenses
  • Leave management including regular updates on accrued/consumed leave
  • Bonus, overtime and incentives management
  • Automated alerts for expiry of passport/visa and other essential documents.

Payroll and human resources services allow business owners to focus on more important activities instead of using valuable time to ensure that workers have an accurate and on-time salary payment. Apart from configuring payment systems, the one that provides payroll services to add the following for UAE services:
Supervise the attendance of the workers.

  • Set up and adjust deposit accounts.
  • Calculation of payroll taxes.
  • Guarantee exact deductions.
  • Include benefit planning.
  • Enforce the laws that govern payroll.
  • Provide electronic payroll records to both employers and employees.

What is Emiratization?

Emiratisation is a UAE government initiative that aims to ensure the employment of Emiratis, enabling them to be a driving force of the economic development of the country. This initiative is aimed towards the public and private sector, and each company must hire UAE nationals so they can contribute to the economy while they have a better quality of life.

Since the UAE is a common destination for expatriate professionals, many companies tend to hire them because they’re well prepared. Additionally, thanks to the several job opportunities that companies offer, they can bring talent from abroad, so all of this causes that there’s a lot of foreign workers in the country, and thus the opportunities for locals diminish.

This is why the government has established this initiative, so that every Emirati has the same opportunity as any other professional, and by the Emiratisation, the UAE can overcome the structural division.

What is the purpose of Emiratisation?

The goal of this initiative is to increase the number of UAE nationals in the job market, so they can have a good income and ensure a good life.

Additionally, they can contribute to the UAE’s economic growth. The decent job creation, the encouragement of entrepreneurship, the increase of young and adult professionals in the private sector, and the employment of Emiratis with technical and vocational skills are the excellent results of this initiative.

What are the quota and incentives of Emiratisation?

The Emiratisation is encouraged by the UAE government to the companies of a variety of industries both in the public and private sectors, and the policies must be implemented mandatory, but companies have to comply with the quota and incentives established in the law.


  • Quota and incentives

Each company that belongs to the private sector needs to comply with a quota system, which is established by the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation (MoHRE) in recruiting a stipulated number of UAE nationals if it has more than 100 employees.

This means that the company is obliged to ensure a minimum percentage of participation of Emiratis in its workforce.

If you’re a company that is looking for having compliance with the laws and requirements established by the MoHRE, you need to implement the Emiratisation process so you can meet the UAE national quota, and as you may know, this is highly important for having a solid reputation as an employer.

How can you fulfill the national Emiratization program?

The national Emiratisation process is aimed mainly towards the companies that work in the private sector, so if you’re one of them and you have over 100 employees, then you need to hire UAE nationals.

How can you do that? You need to start a hiring process but specifically for local talent and for this you have to invest in your HR department so you can select the best candidates.

If you wouldn’t like to waste time in this and you prefer to have assistance in the process of enriching your Emiratis talent pool, then you need to contact a recruitment agency that can help you find the best match for your business.

  • What if you don’t fulfill the quota?

If you’re a company working in the private sector, you need to fulfill the laws to continue working legally. This way you won’t be incurring any violation of the law.

But, if you fail to fulfill the quota, then you’re not complying with the legalities established by the UAE, and this can jeopardize your company’s reputation and even create a liability. 

If you want your company to continue doing its operation in the country, it’s best to keep updated with the law and you can have the help of Bitech since we always try to keep to date with the latest standards and regulations.