BITECH fully recognises the critical role that is played by the technical human resources in delivering IT solutions and ensuring customer satisfaction continually. Key to this end result is our talent acquisition and retention strategy.

Here's what our customers have grown to expect from BITECH.

  • Quality services provided by employee consultants
  • Breadth of talent
  • Stability
  • Maturity
  • Customer centricity
Quality services provided by employee consultants:

At BITECH services are provided by our permanent employees. Since we spend an inordinate amount of time filtering and screening candidates before they are hired, our consulting pool consists of some of the best in the business. In addition to technical skills, BITECH also looks for consultants' ability to work in team environments, ability to communicate with the client, motivation to excel and a commitment to perform to a client's satisfaction.

Breadth of talent:

We have one of the widest talent bases in the industry. We focus on cutting edge products and a major portion of the popular products from leading vendors. Because of the size of our organization and our focus and hiring abilities over the past number of years, our talent pool covers a vast position of all the popular skills demanded by customers.


Whether it be downturns or, upswings, business cycles are what BITECH has experienced and weathered in the past.. What does this mean to you? Now more than ever, stability is a key factor in choosing your next IT services partner. Knowing that we will be around to continue providing services and honor our commitments and agreements in the long term will make our clients more comfortable.


Due to our long history and experience, BITECH has been able to establish a number of controls while refining and defining our methods, processes and procedures. You can count on us to watch your schedules and budgets to allow you to concentrate on growing your core business - instead of worrying about your IT projects.

Customer centricity:

BITECH knows what's important to our success. You!! We succeed when you succeed. We are absolutely confident in our minds about that. We are willing to walk the extra mile to help you succeed, because deep inside we know. when we are helping you, we are helping ourselves.

BITECH's proof of success in the retention of its personnel is evident from an attrition rate of only 5%-7% out of an industry average attrition rate of 15% -20%. Retention strategies at BITECH can broadly be classified as follows -

  • Cross platform training
  • Onsite experience
  • New technology training
  • Country wise rotation opportunities
  • Benefits