Worldwide,corporations are looking towards high quality and reduced cost of IT services.Outsourcing of IT services, be it development, re-engineering, or remote maintenance has been accepted as the most preferred method of reducing the total cost of IT ownership.

Outsourcing to offshore partner gives a distinct cost advantage. Indian software companies have proven themselves in the global competitive market due to their large available pool of English speaking IT professionals. Added to this, the advantages gained by operating at different time zones gives customers worldwide a near 24*7 service for all their IT needs.

BITECH, a leading IT solution provider, has been recognized among the leaders in providing top quality, cost-effective offshore-based
IT services.

Partnering with BITECH offers the following distinct business advantages to the clients:

  • Availability of development resources at very competitive consulting rates. The budget for implementation/post-implementation can be considerably reduced by availing this option.

  • A large pool of resources can be mobilized for a project quickly. Further, the team size can be increased or decreased on a short notice.

  • Leverage the time zone gap to ensure quick turnaround of emergency tasks.

  • Access to BITECH’s proven offshore methodologies and quality practices.

  • Creation of a knowledge base within a larger team gives a great comfort feeling of IT continuity to clients.

  • There are various business models and cost models that can be tailored to suit specific customer needs while working out the offshore development arrangement. Sharing of costs on infrastructure, knowledge transfer, idle time, risks, and rewards can be worked out to have an economically advantageous and value-added partnership with the clients.